Vynod Laboratories

Vynod Laboratories Private Limited, an initiative started in, 2018–one of the most rebellious year of the decade–with a pioneering concept of making your well-being our intent.

Since its inception as a niche market in Tamil Nadu, today our roots have spread wide into the therapeutic areas of Psychiatry and Neurology. Edging towards omnipresence, we are now making a significant mark in the fields of Gynecology, General Medicine, and Ortho.

A time travel into the future, a few years ahead, would see Vynod Laboratories leaping into Dermatology and other curative territories.

Our Philosophy

"Think of others also when you think about yourself’’ with this philosophy we makes continuous effort through activities to give back to the society for all the care , healing , support and nurturance being bestowed upon us .

Vynod laboratories private limited strongly believes that the sustainability of any business is directly related to the well being and development of the society in which it is embedded. we have twin objectives of serving to the neighboring hood and the communities and along with involving the individual efforts.

Marketing Strategy

Vynod Laboratories turns the spotlight on elevating the market thrust & momentum in key fields of medicine by adopting organic & inorganic strategies. Taking a detour through the vast majority of potential communities in Tamil Nadu, Vynod Labs has now expanded into other promising areas. Redefining customer service & satisfaction by spreading out our wings into the limits that span the sky.

Our Values

  • To extend quality products and value added services to our customers.
  • To instigate dynamic leadership, teamwork, and innovation.
  • To devise an amicable & compassionate atmosphere for our employees.

Our Vision

To address the need of the hour by delivering quality products with timely output & establish a customer relationship based on trust & commitment.

Our Mission

To deliver the finest quality products to society and induce a progressive environment for our employees.